Valerie Hamaker Gen X
Terms and Conditions

I recognize that nothing offered on this platform is a replacement for medical or other necessary health care but is supplementary to other care needed. Any participation associated with this community as a result of this membership is done at my sole discretion and risk.

I voluntarily acknowledge that I have the option of participating in online support-oriented group experiences and interactions with other community members of and also acknowledge that group participation is NOT mandatory and I can watch any and all recorded content anonymously in the content archive at my convenience for the life of my membership.

If I choose to participate in any online coaching, I acknowledge that 1) this experience is NOT anonymous and 2) that other community members have the option of observing my coaching session live (off screen) and 3) that this experience will be both audio and video recorded and archived for present and future community member consumption for the life of this platform. Finally, I acknowledge that live online coaching is voluntary and I need not participate directly in this aspect of the community at all but may choose to observe and learn (either live or via the content database) from others being coached.

If I choose to participate in any social media or other interactive online support group connection that might be offered through this community, I acknowledge that this is a public forum and therefore NOT anonymous or confidential.

If I choose to send in questions for ongoing live question and response sessions, I acknowledge that my identity will NOT be made known to other community members.

I acknowledge that this community is run by a therapist licensed only in her state of residence but that interactions on this site are formally considered “coaching/consultation” and that NO therapy is taking place at any point.

I assume all risks and will NOT hold liable for any damage incurred while receiving services.

Since all memberships are on auto-renewal, I understand that I am responsible for notifying at [email protected] to cancel my membership. I understand that I am required to give a 7-day cancellation notice before my account is rebilled. If I miss the 7-day window, I understand that I will be charged for the current month with full access to my membership until the next billing cycle.

I recognize that the value that I receive from this platform will be directly proportionate to the commitment that I give to implementing this information into my life. Progress is variable and all material discussed may or may not apply to my own circumstances.